Pimfa to bolster investor engagement with listed companies

Pimfa to bolster investor engagement with listed companies

The Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association has moved to "level the playing field" between individual and institutional investors and their advisers by encouraging engagement with the companies they invest in. 

The trade association partnered with Investor Meet Company to launch a service which provides members with a means to communicate with the UK listed companies in which their clients are shareholders. 

The free service offers direct access to companies via live and interactive management presentations around market announcements, which Pimfa hopes will help individual investors to make more informed investment decisions. 

A Pimfa spokesperson said: "Research has shown that 92 per cent of institutional investors found meeting a company ‘as important or critical to’ their investment process.

"Both IMC and Pimfa believe that all individual investors, and the firms that invest on their behalf, should have the same opportunity to access company management, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are located."

The service offered as part of the partnership is expected to help members satisfy the Financial Conduct Authority's rules surrounding shareholder engagement and transparency, by encouraging investment firms to demonstrate direct communication with the companies they invest in on behalf of their clients.

Liz Field, chief executive at Pimfa, said: "As outlined in our members manifesto, an important part of our mission is to create the best possible environment so that our member firms can focus on delivering the highest service to clients, and we have been long-time campaigners for the growth of retail participation in shareholding and the need to build a UK culture of saving and investment.

"Our profession is keen to ensure that private investors feel engaged in the companies they own and through our collaboration with Investor Meet Company our members and their clients, can now benefit from an integrated solution that can provide direct engagement with UK listed companies."

Marc Downes, chief executive at Investor Meet Company, said the company hopes to "redefine" the way individual investors and companies engage. 

He said: "We believe that all investors should be treated fairly, equally and on a non-discriminatory basis. By providing all investors the same opportunity to get the clarity they need to make a more informed decision, we will enhance trust, confidence and transparency in the market. 

"Through our partnership with Pimfa who represent over 200 wealth managers we hope that all wealth mangers from the largest to the smallest, will see the benefits of providing their clients a free integrated engagement solution."


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