Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Tim Morris

Diary of an adviser: Tim Morris

Birthday celebrations mark the end of a busy week full of client meetings for this adviser.


Mondays are an admin day for me, so my first action is to reply to clients’ emails.

Sunday evening seems a popular time for my clients to spend time on their finances. I actually do this myself too. I then get my paperwork prepared for the coming week.

Next is catching up on news stories from the weekend. This includes social media and maybe a quick post or two, then a couple of client calls around lunchtime, plus a new enquiry.

I have a few client review meetings each week, but I try to fit in at least one new client meeting. I focus on having the diary looking full for the week ahead.


We have a training session first thing this morning.

We are spread out geographically and the team are not often together in one place, so it’s a good chance to see everyone.

I’ve regained my dependency on a morning coffee, even if I am not having a very early start these days! It just about keeps me going through the session.

Next up is a new client meeting in the afternoon.

They are looking to retire in the next couple of years and have not had an adviser.

Many of the clients I work with run their own business, but this person has worked for the same company for many years and consolidated a few previous pensions.

He wants help putting together a financial plan and to spend less time managing his investment funds, so he can keep his promise of spending more time with his wife.


It’s not an average Wednesday. I have a radio show interview in the afternoon.

I wouldn’t usually do this – I’m not a fan of listening to my own voice – but I agreed to help out a friend.

In return, I get to pick the topic so I can make sure it’s something I’m passionate about. It is pension/investment related of course and the focus is on environmental, social and governance funds.

I have a few clients who have been passionate about ethical investments for many years and I’ve now embedded ESG/sustainable investing into my fund selection process.

It’s a more enjoyable conversation to have with a client than how we can reduce costs by adding in more passive funds to their portfolio, although the latter is still part of the process for many.


Today I have a client review meeting: a brunch with some clients I always look forward to seeing.

Since I helped with their retirement last year, they have been enjoying their time in the knowledge they can afford to spend more than they anticipated.