Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Nathan Prior

Diary of an adviser: Nathan Prior

This adviser gets back into the busy office routine with client meetings after a half-term break away.


I just arrived back to the office after half-term and after taking three young kids through passport control at Gatwick Airport I am ready to be back.

Our morning catch up meeting goes well.

I have a busy week ahead, so I get on with preparing for meetings and calls. Two clients I speak with are in the process of returning to the UK and we are in regular contact to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

In the afternoon I catch up with some solicitors that we have been working with to help clients. It is useful to exchange thoughts on what clients are doing and share ideas on estate planning.

I need to get back home on time today to put the kids to bed as my wife also has a busy week at work. 


I have an early breakfast meeting with a client. We have just reorganised their investment to be fossil fuel-free and so are reviewing the position and discussing exciting news about job moves.

Later in the day I meet with a client to discuss my recommendations in relation to their investment strategy and pensions. They are pushing against the lifetime pension allowance and so there is need for some changes to help optimise the positioning.

In the afternoon I catch up with one of the investment managers looking after some of my clients’ assets. They are subject to a takeover, so I am keen to understand in detail whether this might affect my clients’ portfolios and if I need to consider any action.


My morning meeting with a tax adviser is cancelled, so I use the opportunity to get the gym. 

I have a phone call with a prospective client who has been referred to me and we arrange a meeting for next week. 

I also have a short call with a client to recap on recent recommendations, which they are now ready to implement.

I have another investment manager meeting this afternoon with one of the managers I use for clients who have US tax considerations. It is important to meet managers regularly to understand their position and views and not just rely on reports.


I have a couple of calls today with advisers who are considering joining the partnership, which would expand our international team. It is important to spend the time to find a good fit for clients, advisers and the company, and not just seek growth at any cost.

I have an initial call with a protective client who is a US citizen living in the UK. There are not many companies that are able to work with US citizens and even fewer independent advisers. However, this is an area I have been working in for years and so I am very happy to help this client.