Premier Miton launches multi-asset passive fund

Premier Miton launches multi-asset passive fund

Premier Miton is launching a multi-asset passive fund. 

The product is the first to be brought to market since Premier and Miton merged in November. 

The Premier Miton Managed Index Balanced fund will invest in bonds, equities and alternative investments, through exchange traded funds and other passive instruments.

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The asset allocation will be actively managed by a team led by Wayne Nutland, who is head of managed index solutions at Premier Miton. He joined the company in October 2019, having previously worked at HSBC Asset Management.

There will be no fixed strategic asset allocation. The ongoing charge for the fund is 0.4 per cent.

Mr Nutland said: “Through this new fund, we are able to offer the benefits of active management across asset classes, investment types and styles, giving investors access to a highly diversified portfolio and market exposure through low cost exchange traded funds.

"This new fund complements Premier Miton’s existing multi-asset portfolios, offering advisers and their clients an even wider range of investment styles to suit their preferences.”

Premier Miton has two existing multi-asset fund ranges. Premier runs active multi-manager funds through a team led by David Hambridge, while Miton’s actively managed multi-asset team is lead by David Jane. 

Patrick Connolly, head of communications at Case De Vere said: "Some of these funds can be quite expensive, especially in an environment where there is an ever-greater focus on charges.

"It’s therefore understandable that they’ve launched a lower cost product using passive investments.

"This product does have some merit, although one of the main strengths of Premier’s multi-manager proposition has been in their fund selection and there are cheaper multi-asset passive products available.”

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