Boundary Capital launches impact fund

Boundary Capital launches impact fund

Venture capital firm Boundary Capital has launched an impact fund called the Impact Life Fund.

The fund’s purpose is to ‘enrich people’s lives’, whether it is the investors in the fund or the the beneficiaries of the investment.

Target investments are businesses with disruptive technologies that have the potential to positively impact at least 100 million human lives, as well as targeting a three times (3x) return overall over five years.

The fund has an enterprise investment scheme structure to allow investors to gain from tax breaks as well as the underlying economic and other benefits.

The Impact Life Fund will focus on business-to-business technologies that aim to provide a measurable impact. For example, the fund might invest in wound care technology, which will reduce the need for long-term care, rather than investing in care homes themselves.

The technologies are predominately based in Life Sciences, Engineering and IT, and its investment themes support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The themes cover Environmental and Social issues.

Dan Somers, Managing Partner at Boundary Capital says: “Impact investment has mostly been socially driven, until now. Now there is the opportunity for investors to make a return as well as optimising the impact that their investments can make on human lives.”