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Niche music fund ‘interesting’ offer

Niche music fund ‘interesting’ offer

Content is king.

Just look at the vast sums Netflix, for example, are throwing at creating TV and films.

While viewing grabs the headlines, I will concentrate on music – as it is another area where content is crucial – and the launch of Amplify Music fund. 

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Amplify Music is managed by an established specialist in music-related enterprise investment scheme investments, Amp Channel Music.

Those investing in Amplify Music will receive shares in five companies – all different, but all benefiting from the growth in music revenues.

All companies have received advance assurance from HM Revenue & Customs.

Recording and production companies, music rights and publishing, and the growth in vinyl are some of the areas covered.

It is the first two that will form the bulk of the fund, and where the Amplify management have most expertise as they have been involved in seed enterprise investment schemes in this space for more than five years.

Some of the new investment will attract SEIS relief, but the bulk will attract EIS relief. 

In a nutshell, this EIS will own the publishing rights to songs, and albums (and other areas) and will benefit from sales and streaming.

As music rights have grown in popularity, music investment has moved more into the mainstream, for example Hipgnosis Songs investment trust has a market cap of more than £650m.

Larger scale and a broader set of music rights command a higher multiple when selling on, according to the managers.

The aim of this EIS is to build scale via a mix of companies launched this year, and new ones in subsequent years, then merge them.

There are no guarantees of this of course. 

The trade body representing the UK music scene estimates the industry is worth £5.2bn annually.

Goldman Sachs estimate by 2030 1.2bn people will stream music, with total annual revenues globally of more than $100bn (£77bn).

In a world where diversification is hard to achieve, this new SEIS and EIS offer comes at a time when music streaming is mainstream, and artists are finally able to monetise the digital world properly.

It is niche, but it is also a cash-generative, growing sector and this EIS is a timely and interesting offer.

Ben Yearsley is an investment director at consultancy Fairview