Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Robert Allman

Diary of an Adviser: Robert Allman

This adviser juggles meetings and client calls during one of the worst weeks in market history.


My day normally starts with getting ready with my wife and three children, then I head to my office in Wilmslow at around 8am.

Usually I listen to some podcasts or audiobooks while driving. This morning it is a daily market podcast to catch up on the coronavirus and market falls in Asia. 

I have a fair amount of admin planned for today and send off an advice letter for a client opening a new self-invested personal pension and looking to maximise contributions.

In the afternoon, I have a call with a married couple who are planning on exiting some funds for some building work. They want advice on the most tax-efficient way of taking the funds from their various accounts.

Around 6pm I head home; do the kids’ bath and have dinner with my wife and watch some Netflix.


It is 8am and the US markets were down 3 per cent overnight.

My first client email has questions on market volatility. I advise calm as they are long-term investors.

After work I get home and try not to look at US markets; instead I play Jenga and drink wine.


Today I speak to an existing client to confirm they are sending cash to top up their Isa and pension. It reminds me to run through my client list for year-end tasks regarding tax allowances.

Later on I have an introductory meeting, where the clients does most of the talking. I get a feel for their objectives and they get a feel for me. At 6pm I leave work to go and watch my daughter play tennis. 


This morning I have some work on a small self-administered scheme to tackle. I am helping a family consolidate some investments for the pension. 

After several calls with the administrator, actions are communicated with all members of the scheme. 

The afternoon is spent seeing a couple of professional contacts in Manchester, talking about the Budget.

The UK markets are down 3.2 per cent and I set up a call with the investment committee for tomorrow.


It’s 8am so I do some pilates at the gym. 

A client calls while I am in the changing room, so my trip is shortened as I need to action something. The market turmoil continues and I do take a few calls today about it. 

During the morning call with the investment committee, we agree it is not the time for reactive moves and that portfolios are well positioned.

I have a client lunch in Wilmslow. It is more social than business and he is not concerned about markets as has been through many cycles. The markets close for the week in what is officially one of the worst weeks in market history.