Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Lindsay Carter

Diary of an Adviser: Lindsay Carter

Despite a rainy week, this adviser enjoys helping old and new clients, with the help of coffee and bagels.


I like to start work early and plan for the week ahead on a Monday morning.

Travelling to client appointments has been replaced with juggling work while supporting my daughter with home schooling and making toasted bagels and coffee on demand.

This morning, I am working on a protection case for a client. 

They have some protection in place, but the amount they are paying for life cover alone can be restructured to meet more of their protection needs.

In the afternoon, I phone a potential new client who has been referred to me wanting to know if there are any options for investing/saving a lump sum, as well as putting money away every month to save towards a house.

Although investment advice is not right for them given their objectives, they thank me for my guidance on the types of savings accounts they need to look at.


Today I have two annual review meetings booked. 

I probably take as much time preparing for these meetings as the actual meetings.

There are some potential opportunities for further investment.

One of the clients had made a claim for payment protection insurance last year, but they were not aware they might be able to claim back the tax on the interest they received. They were very grateful to me for pointing them in the right direction.  


I start early again as I have a busy day with client meetings, review packs to submit and reports to check. 

I check my to-do list as I want to ensure that I get to the end of it, while getting to grips with all the different methods of contacting clients via video conferencing.


Rain and gloomy skies today. It looks more like November than June.

I have another client review meeting, which comprised the client updating me on circumstances and objectives, discussing market performance and their appetite for risk. We also discussed further investment opportunities that will be followed up. 


Another day of rain.

I generally use Friday as a catch-up day and try not to have any client meetings in my diary. 

Although I touch base several times a week with my administrator, we have a dedicated times lot every Friday morning. 

After our general chat, we discuss ongoing cases, outstanding tasks and what needs to be actioned for the week ahead.  

I feel it is a privilege to do the job that I do. If there are two things I had to say to someone reading this they would be: never assume anything with your clients, and always ask that extra question.  

Lindsay Carter is an independent financial adviser at Ascot Lloyd

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