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How can you engage with the next generation to future proof your business?

John Porteous, Group Head of Distribution, Charles Stanley  

Discussing your personal finances with other people can be awkward, even with family members. Many people are comfortable discussing finances with their partner, but with others it tends to be a taboo subject. Similarly, financial advice typically focuses on individuals and couples, rather than extending the advice to the next generation. 

We understand that working with the next generation adds a whole new layer of complexity.

 Not only are younger family members likely to have entirely different circumstances and attitudes, advisers may also have to manage and plan the transition of wealth. Charles Stanley’s latest white paper combines multiple research inputs to help support advisers navigate the challenges of intergenerational wealth transfer and engage the next generation of clients. 

The award-winning first Book of Stories drew on the specialist know-how of Charles Stanley’s team of investment managers and financial planners and their experience of successfully running money for multiple generations of families. This second Book of Stories goes further and explores investors’ own stories – told by themselves – and the stories of financial advisers with valuable intergenerational planning expertise. The result is a treasury of practical  insight into this rich and fascinating world of family financial planning. 

As our stories show, every relationship is different, and so every intergenerational transfer of wealth will be distinctive. However, there are processes that can be put in place, and ways of dealing with clients that can make the topic of wealth transfer easier to approach. Advisers can use our Book of Stories to learn about a range of attitudes, behaviours and concepts that can be applied in a practical way when advising clients and building viable businesses based on successful intergenerational planning. We also describe some of the changes to working practices that advisers should be considering if they are to succeed in the intergenerational planning environment.

Finally, as a little extra support for our intermediary partners, we’re pleased to announce that you can claim 2 hours of CPD with Book of Stories 2.0. 

Visit to get your free copy of our whitepaper, which will help you understand the next generation, how you can engage with them and ultimately future-proof your business. 

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About Charles Stanley 

At Charles Stanley, we have over 200 years of experience in helping build financial security for clients, working with their other professional advisers to create a circle of advice that is able to adapt, as families evolve into multi-generations with different needs over time. We understand that each of our clients has their own individual lives, needs and objectives when it comes to building a secure financial future. These pieces come together to formulate a picture which twists, turns and changes over time, much like a kaleidoscope.

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