Best In Class  

Best in Class: JPM Emerging Markets Investment Trust

The digitisation theme is one of a number of areas where Mr Forey sees emerging markets becoming more like their developed peers. By contrast, the trust tends to own nothing in the energy, real-estate or utilities sectors, and very little in materials.

ESG issues are integrated fully into the risk analysis conducted by the analyst team.

The final portfolio is comprised of 60-100 stocks. A key element of the trust’s success is the support of an exceptionally strong research team of almost 100 investment professionals.

The team members speak more than 20 languages between them and conduct more than 5,000 interviews with company management each year.

The trust can gear up to 20 per cent of net asset value, although Mr Forey never intends to use the facility to try and time the market.

The trust, which has an ongoing charges figure of 0.95 per cent, is currently operating at a slight discount of 3.4 per cent. It also has a small dividend yield, currently 1.04 per cent.

With an experienced manager, a market leading team of analysts and excellent long-term performance – this trust should be a consideration for anyone looking to tap into emerging markets.

Darius McDermott is managing director of FundCalibre