Schroders Personal Wealth launches three new funds

Schroders Personal Wealth launches three new funds

Schroders Personal Wealth has launched three new fixed income multi-manager funds to ensure greater management and control over client assets.

The funds which, have been launched on SPW’s authorised corporate director, will enhance the fixed income offering within clients’ portfolios. 

The advice firm, born from a joint venture between Schroders and Lloyds, said each fund will invest in different types of fixed income instruments such as sovereign bonds, investment grade bonds, high income, and emerging market debt.  

The SPW Global Sovereign bond will be managed jointly by Pimco and Wellington, while the SPW Global Investment Grade fund will be managed by Pimco, Wellington, BlackRock and Schroders.

The SPW Global High Income and Emerging Market Debt fund will be jointly managed by Barings, BlueBay EMD, BlueBay HY and T Rowe Price.

Marcus Brookes, chief investment officer at Schroders Personal Wealth said: “This is another big milestone for Schroders Personal Wealth as we continue to put our clients at the heart of everything we do. 

"Our ACD funds are designed specifically for SPW clients with the aim of meeting their needs. This means that we set our mandates to ensure that any risks are appropriate for our clients and means we won’t invest in instruments or markets that we aren’t happy with.

"The SPW Multi-Manager fixed income funds have been launched to ensure we have more management, flexibility and greater control of our client’s assets.”

SPW launched its debut fund range in July last year when it launched its SPW Portfolio Funds — comprising six risk-rated, multi-asset funds.

In February, SPW revealed that its ambitions to become a top three financial planning business had taken a hit, owing to the effects of the pandemic on business.