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Using “the family approach” to encourage timely estate planning

Of course it’s also the beneficiaries who ultimately benefit from the planning, so having them in the conversation will help accelerate a client’s planning.

But how might you involve a client’s beneficiaries in a natural way?

Two things you’ll find in our estate planning toolkit

Advisers find two Octopus documents useful in involving a client’s wider family. One is a guide to being an executor. Another is a document we call “What I own and where I keep it”. 

These help prepare a client’s family for the transfer of wealth and can be used to trigger early meetings about estate planning that include the whole family. 

You’ll find these documents, along with other useful resources, as part of a new estate planning report. 

The report draws on a survey of more than 700 advisers and conversations Octopus has had with advisers across the UK. It covers how you can overcome three common challenges advisers are facing when planning a client’s estate.

Read the report and access the toolkit at

Nick Bird, Executive Business Development Manager at Octopus Investments

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