How sustainable investing is evolving to drive change

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The evolution of ESG investing
The ‘carrot’ approach is gaining momentum as a tool to influence corporate behaviour

The pandemic has added to the complications for multi-asset investors, with strategic asset allocation calls hampered by the radical uncertainty of the world we live in – but ESG investments responded well, and generally outperformed the rest of the market in the darkest days of 2020. 

This created a steep uptick in demand for sustainable investment products, sending valuations soaring. 

All of this presents a pair of challenges for advisers, with asset allocation arguably more difficult than at any time in history and the sustainable investment landscape still shrouded by uncertainty around regulation, terminology and risk profiling.

Here we take a look at what intermediaries need to consider when trying to identify ways in which they can combine ESG funds in a way that aligns with client needs.

This report provides an overview of the ESG sector, and two advertising features - one a review of Fidelity's sustainable investing strategy and a Q&A with its global head of stewardship and sustainable investing.