Sustainable Investing  

Guide to sustainable multi-asset investing

  • Describe some of the challenges involved in multi-asset ESG investing
  • Explain the changing role of fund managers
  • Identify ways to address greenwashing
Guide to sustainable multi-asset investing


Multi-asset investing has long been a popular form for building a client's portfolio, as it take out the challenge of selecting the right, complementary assets.

But now many clients are asking for sustainable investments, and this poses an additional layer of complexity for fund managers.

A typical way of building a multi-asset fund is to invest in a diverse range of asset classes, but now some of these may not conform to the client's demands for sustainability.

For example, a typical diversifier could be government bonds, but some people might disagree with the policies of governments, so these may mean they would have to be excluded.

Similarly the types of equities a fund manager might choose will likely be different to stocks they may have invested in for a conventional portfolio.

Nonetheless, both sustainability and multi-asset are two areas highly favoured by investors now, so it is worth advisers taking the time to understand how these two trends interact.

This guide is worth an indicative 60 minutes' CPD.

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  1. According to the first feature, investing in government bonds for a sustainable portfolio is completely off limits, true or false?

  2. According to Simon Holmes in the first feature, which is one of the ways to get into value stocks in a sustainable way?

  3. According to the second article, sustainability and ESG investing are considered to be completely interchangeable, true or false?

  4. According to Simon Holmes in the second feature, what is one way to beat greenwashing?

  5. According to the third article, what has the fund manager's role evolved into?

  6. According to the fourth article, which type of car maker will win in the market for electric cars?

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  • Describe some of the challenges involved in multi-asset ESG investing
  • Explain the changing role of fund managers
  • Identify ways to address greenwashing

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