ESG Investing  

We shouldn’t make excuses for delaying action on ESG

Jessica Pilz

Jessica Pilz

There is also no room for greenwashing anymore. In addition to SFDR and the EU taxonomy, investors are increasingly scrutinising a manager’s commitment to ESG. The next season in ESG will truly set apart those who are integrating ESG into every facet of their investment processes.

Delayed action

Lastly, we shouldn’t make excuses for not taking action.

Relatively new concepts which are still being defined and evolved, like net zero carbon, need to be considered.

We may not have the perfect or most consistent framework for addressing net zero carbon, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from taking the steps needed to understand what this looks like for their assets and portfolios.

There are sufficient, and highly valuable frameworks that already exist and have been researched and evolved at length by credible organisations, such as the UK Green Building Council (GBC).

If we stand still and wait for everyone’s definition of net zero carbon to be exactly the same, we may never solve the climate crisis. There is enough out there to help us take action.

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Fiera Real Estate for a year now and have had the privilege of seeing attitudes change substantially in that time.

We have spent the last year building a rapidly evolving ESG strategy across our investment and development funds.

Real change comes from fully embracing ESG at the top. The road to get to where we are may have been bumpy, and it’s clear that it’s not a smooth road ahead. But, ESG is here to stay – and it’s about time.

Jessica Pilz is a sustainability consultant at Fiera Real Estate