Evaluating a DFM from top to bottom - service and support

Update from the investment team on the latest house views and positioning.

Performance updates and comparisons to suitable benchmarks and peers, together with attribution analysis to better understand how these results have been achieved.


Finally, we would strongly recommend a periodic sample audit of client accounts to ensure that the changes to asset allocation and positioning communicated centrally by the investment team are being actioned in your clients' individual portfolios in a timely manner.

We hope this short series has been insightful and given you a framework around which to build your own due diligence process. If you would like further general information or independent views and ratings on many of the UK’s leading DFMs, RSMR's DFM Academy provides this information and more.

David Perkins is a consultant at RSMR. Prior to his work on investment management, he owned and ran an IFA practice