Invesco relaunches UK Companies fund with ESG focus

Invesco relaunches UK Companies fund with ESG focus

Invecso has relaunched its UK Companies fund as the Sustainable UK Companies Fund to capitalise on the ‘underestimated’ opportunities in the UK market.

The fund will continue to be managed by Tim Marshall, and its risk profile and objectives will remain unchanged.

It will use a scoring system to identify opportunities in ‘misunderstood and mispriced’ companies that are ‘sustainability leaders, enablers and improvers’.

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It will invest 80 per cent in UK companies, and 20 per cent in non-UK firms, and has no inbuilt sector bias, but will invest more in larger firms.

The fund’s benchmark will now be the FTSE All Share Index (net total return).

Tim Marshall said in the firm’s view the long-term investment opportunity in UK companies promoting sustainable themes was underestimated.

“We believe that putting sustainability front-and-centre, above all stylistic factors such as value and growth, will create attractive long-term return potential for clients. 

“This is the hallmark of the fund.”

Alexander Millar, head of UK distribution at Invesco, added as society transitions to a more sustainable future, the wealth management industry had an important role in financing the transition and providing investors with access to the opportunities that arise from it. 

“The change in mandate allows us to support the current generation of leaders in sustainability, as well as those that can act as enablers of progress whilst to providing clients with opportunities to both support and gain from those businesses that are committed to making real and lasting improvements for the benefit of the environment and society as a whole,” he said.