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Lindsell Train removed from Bestinvest top funds list

Lindsell Train removed from Bestinvest top funds list

The Lindsell Train Global Equity fund has dropped off Bestinvest’s list of favourite funds.

The fund, which is managed by Nick Train, Michael Lindsell and James Bullock, has underperformed the MSCI World Index by more than 30 percentage points during the three years to January 31.

Jason Hollands, managing director at Bestinvest, blamed the fund’s recent poor performance on the decision.

“While the manager has a good long-term track record and a clearly articulated philosophy, it has endured an extended period of disappointing performance and we feel there are other global equity funds that have the edge in the current environment,” he told FTAdviser.

Lindsell Train Global Equity fund performance to January 31 2022


1 month


1 year

3 year

5 year

Since launch

LT Global Equity Fund







MSCI World Index







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In the most recent monthly report for the fund, Nick Train said he had no plans to radically change the constituents of the fund's portfolio.

"The future investment approach of your fund will be the same as its past," he said.

"Specifically, we will continue to place the highest investment value on our analysis of the durability of the businesses we choose to invest in."

The global equity funds recommended by Bestinvest are the GuardCap Global Equity, Brown Advisory Global Leaders and Loomis Sayles Global Growth Equity Funds.

Other funds that have been taken off Bestinvest’s list include six iShares funds, including the Index-Linked Gilts ETF and Global High Yield Corporate Bond ETF, alongside parent company Blackrock’s UK Absolute Alpha Fund.

A number of new funds have been added to the list, including Ninety One’s UK Alpha Fund, Premier Miton’s UK Growth Fund and Harbourvest’s Global Private Equity Fund.

Hollands added that personally choosing funds is one of the joys of do-it-yourself investing, but also one of the challenges.

He added that choosing a fund is not just a case of doing some homework before buying them, as once invested individuals should constantly monitor their portfolios. 

Hollands said: “A change in circumstances, such as the departure of a fund manager or a significant increase in the size of a fund, many require you to reassess whether it is right to stay invested or move to another fund instead."

Bestinvest's best funds 


Top Funds




UK Equities - Growth

AXA Framlington UK Mid Cap

Liontrust UK Growth

Premier Miton UK Growth


UK Equities - Income

TM RWC UK Equity Income

TB Evenlode Income

Threadneedle UK Equity Income


Target Absolute Return and Multi-Asset

JPM Global Macro Opportunities

Ninety One Diversified Income

Trojan Fund


Fixed Income

Liontrust Monthly Income Bond

TwentyFour Absolute Return Credit




Barings Europe Select

BlackRock Continental European Income

BlackRock European Dynamic



Baillie Gifford Japanese

JPM Japan



Global Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific

Aubrey Global Emerging Markets Opportunities

FSSA Asia Focus

Schroder ISF Asian Total Return

Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainability

North America

Dodge & Cox Worldwide US Stock

Findlay Park American Fund

Loomis Sayles US Equity Leaders



Fundsmith Equity

Loomis Sayles Global Growth Equity



Ethical and Sustainable

Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth

Impax Environmental Markets Trust

Liontrust UK Ethical


Real Assets

Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Equity

International Public Partnerships

SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust


 Source: Bestinvest

The list is broken down into 12 sectors within which the firm's 300-strong investment team have selected their top two to three funds, as well as a number of fund tables.

The criteria used for judging include managers who are not constrained by “hugging benchmarks”, who personally invest in their own funds and are willing to limit the size of their funds if this starts to hamper the way it is managed.

Around 98 actively-managed funds and investment companies appear on the list, out of a total of around 4,000 funds on sale in the UK, as well as over 300 investment companies.