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MGIM launches global sustainable equity fund

MGIM launches global sustainable equity fund

Momentum Global Investment Management has launched a global sustainable equity fund.

The Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund will focus on stocks that contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and water consumption.

The fund will be managed in partnership with Robeco, the investment specialist, and the fund’s managers estimated the ongoing charges fund will be around 0.55 per cent.

MGIM said the ‘systematic’ approach combines active and passive management, resulting in lower fees. 

Andrew Hardy, investment director at Momentum and manager lead for the fund, said the fund offers not only exposure to global equities, but also a strong sustainability profile, lower environmental footprint, and a higher chance of outperforming the benchmark over the long run of a full business cycle. 

“As strong advocates of active management, our product is a data-driven active fund that retains all the merits of passive investment whilst enhancing return potential and ESG characteristics,” he said.

Steve Hunter, head of business development at MGIM, said the fund provides investors with a ‘core approach’ to investing sustainably across a wide range of markets. 

“With this investment approach, we are bringing our global offering to UK investors, expanding their access to a best-in-class investment process and track record, and providing assurance that the solutions will continue to be relevant in an ever-changing investment landscape.”