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Hargreaves Lansdown launches ETF research arm

Hargreaves Lansdown launches ETF research arm

Hargreaves Lansdown has created an ETF research team in response to client feedback.

The company announced today (May 24) it has expanded its research to cover ETFs as well as trackers and actively managed funds and trusts.

The ETF research team will be led by Alex Watkins, a passive fund analyst, and it will analyse ESG integration, process and performance.

ETFs included in the new coverage

iShares PLC Core FTSE 100 UCITS

Vanguard FTSE 250


Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific ex Japan

Vanguard Funds plc FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS

Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex UK

Vanguard FTSE All-World

Vanguard funds plc S&P 500 UCITS

Vanguard FTSE Japan UCITS

iShares core GBP Corporate Bond

Vanguard UK Gilts

 Source: Hargreaves Lansdown

Emma Wall, head of investment analysis and research at Hargreaves said the launch is in response to client demand and industry developments.

“The research covers the same key areas as for all our collectives analysis; the people, process, ESG integration, culture, price and performance of ETFs. 

“This is an exciting step in developing our research processes to meet the emerging needs of our growing client base.”

Fund flows into European ETFs rose 25 per cent in the first quarter of the year, though assets under management stalled amid a dip in stock and bond market valuations triggered by the war in Ukraine and rising inflation. 

The European ETF market gathered €42.7bn (£36bn) of new funds in Q1 2022, according to Morningstar’s latest European ETF Asset Flows update published this month.

But total assets remained unchanged at €1.4tn (£1.2tn).