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Advisers: have your say on investing in healthcare

Advisers: have your say on investing in healthcare
(Credit: Chokniti Khongchum via Pexels)

Over the past two and half years there have been many innovations in healthcare, as the world responded to the pandemic.

The crisis brought on by the virus showed how important the medical life sciences industry was for the UK, when it came to researching and developing vital treatment and vaccines.

Additionally, there has been an increase in wearable technology, not just by individuals and medical professionals, but also by insurance companies using data collated from devices to help them in underwriting and product development.

Meanwhile, in-person GP surgery appointments are transitioning more to a hybrid model comprising virtual and in-person, for which new technology is required to support that.

Investment in healthcare typically forms part of a defensive investment strategy, particularly during periods of volatility.

But with new and emerging health industry developments creating new investment propositions, is this likely to change the way advisers invest in healthcare?

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