Income investing in a world of higher inflation

Income investing in a world of higher inflation

The past decade has been a period of "abundance" for the world, but the next will be an "era of shortage of fundamental human needs", according to David Jane, multi-asset investor at Premier Miton.

In the latest edition of the FTAdviser podcast, Jane said an era where energy and commodity shortages will be upon us, a scenario which will mean much higher inflation in future.

He said this is a function of "gross underinvestment" in those areas over the past decade, and make it "a walk in the park" to get income and capital gains in the years to come.

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Jane argued that the companies in those sectors will be able to generate strong revenues for many years as a result of demand for their products being very strong.

In his opinion, the underinvestment he has seen in the sector means prices can remain relatively high for a long time. 

Another of the guests on the podcast was Job Curtis, who runs the City of London investment trust.

He said one of the outcomes of the decade of abundance was that the prevailing low interest rate environment meant growth equities, which typcially pay no dividend, did very well, but he feels the years to come, as interest rates rise, will be very different. 

Meanwhile, Robert Alster, chief investment officer at Close Brothers Asset Management said the way to navigate the current climate is to have a portfolio of multi-asset income investments, including alternative assets to take advantage of the changing climate for income investors. 

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