InvestmentsMar 24 2023

Marlborough launches platform with 0.20% annual charge

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Marlborough launches platform with 0.20% annual charge
 The Select platform includes Marlborough’s managed portfolio solutions range, as we as it’s multi-asset funds. [Anna Nekrashevich/Pexels]

Marlborough Group has introduced an investment platform for financial advisers and their clients.

The Select platform includes Marlborough’s managed portfolio solutions range, as well as it’s multi-asset funds. 

Other provider solutions will also be available on the platform, which will have an annual charge of 0.20 per cent.

General investment accounts, along with Isa, Junior Isa and Sipp wrappers are available while the client-facing portal can display the adviser firm’s own branding.

Marlborough has described the platform as “next generation” designed specifically to save advisers time using technology to improve integration with their back-office systems and reduce the need for repetitive data entry.

The platform’s managing director, Phil Gilder was a member of the team who founded adviser technology company Seccl. 

Drawing on this, Gilder and his team have developed the Select platform to integrate Seccl’s technology with customer relationship management software, allowing advisers to benefit from user-friendly reporting on portfolio performance.

“Our focus from the outset has been on understanding exactly what advisers need, then specifically designing a platform to provide it,” Gilder said.

“We’ve used the latest technology to streamline processes and integrate seamlessly with advisers’ back-office systems. It’s a digital-first, paperless platform that provides a smooth and highly intuitive experience for advisers and their clients.”

The technology is supported alongside a service team for advisers who can be contacted by phone, email, live chat or video chat.

Marlborough chief executive, Richard Goodall said he believes that with the increased regulatory responsibility facing advisers, the new platform offers an opportunity for advisers to enhance their investment communications with clients.

“The Select platform very much reflects our partnership approach, which is based on working with forward-thinking advisers who share our entrepreneurial spirit, and helping them to grow their businesses.

“We’ve also designed the platform to help reinforce all-important client relationships, by making it significantly easier for advisers to report key portfolio information in clear, informative ways their clients will really value,” Goodall said.