JupiterApr 13 2023

Jupiter launches multi-manager range

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Jupiter launches multi-manager range

Jupiter has launched a range of multi-manager portfolios as part of its ongoing review of its fund offering.

The asset manager has launched the “Merlin Select” range, which includes two re-purposed funds, and one new fund.

The new Jupiter Merlin Moderate Select portfolio will have between a 40 per cent and 50 per cent exposure to equities, and will aim to provide a return through a combination of income and capital growth.

It will be launched in the next few weeks.

As part of the new range, the £202mn Jupiter Multi-Asset Income and Growth fund will be rebranded to the Jupiter Merlin Income and Growth Select Fund.

It will have a 65-75 per cent exposure to equities, through collective investment schemes and exchange-traded funds, though it will hold a minimum allocation to Jupiter’s funds of 25 per cent (expected to be around 40 per cent to 70 per cent in practice).

The fund’s fixed annual charge has been reduced by 27 basis points, with no change to the fund’s risk profile.

The £208mn Jupiter Merlin Conservative Portfolio has been rebranded as the Jupiter Merlin Conservative Select fund, but there will be no changes to the fund’s portfolio, investment process or risk profile.

The fund will continue to hold at least a 60 per cent allocation to fixed income funds, with its equity exposure ranging from none to 35 per cent.

The Jupiter Merlin Independent Funds team manages £7bn in assets under management and is made up of John Chatfeild-Roberts, David Lewis, Amanda Sillars, George Fox, Algy Smith-Maxwell and Alastair Irvine.

Warren Tonkinson, global head of distribution at Jupiter, said the range has been developed “hand in hand” with advisers.

“[The range has been] designed to provide our clients with further opportunities to access the established and proven investment expertise that has become synonymous with the Jupiter Merlin Team. 

“An important factor in the team’s success has been their unparalleled access to the rest of the investment talent at Jupiter, benefiting from the expertise and exchange of ideas with other highly skilled individuals.”

David Lewis, co-head of strategy for the Jupiter Merlin independent funds team, added: “We recognise that our clients will each have distinct needs, and we are excited about the creation of a range which provides tailored solutions, appropriate for a variety of investors, while increasing access to Jupiter’s active, long-term investment expertise.”

Jupiter is currently undergoing a restructuring where a third of its funds will be closed, merged or reconfigured, as well as changes to the chief investment officer role.

Around 15 per cent of the company’s workforce will be made redundant as part of the changes.