ProtectionJun 29 2021

Broker teams up with Mr Motivator to promote cover

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Broker teams up with Mr Motivator to promote cover

Mr Motivator is back to put a spring in the step of life insurance policies.

After the past couple of weeks, where a story suggesting it would be better to invest than buy life insurance created a storm on social media, the nation's favourite fitness instructor - Derrick Evans MBE - has joined forces with a broker and a comedian to help get people talking positively about life cover.

New broker, I Got Cover, has brought together comedian Sophie McCartney (AKA Tired and Tested) with Mr Motivator to show parents the lighter side of life insurance.

Looking after your health and getting a life insurance policy in place are two of the most vital things parents can do to protect their children.Mr Motivator

According to the founders of I Got Cover, which is a family-focused company created "by parents for parents", it is essential to start those conversations about insurance, even if it seems like a difficult question.

The broker said: "We understand talking about life insurance can be daunting, but urge mums and dads not to let that deter them."

Referring to research done in 2018 by Scottish Widows, the broker added: "With 60 per cent of UK mums admitting they have no life insurance policy in place and only 13 per cent contributing to critical illness cover, I Got Cover can help."

In its promotional video, the two celebrities promote the message that everybody deserves a pat on the back for learning new skills like baking banana bread and cutting hair to get them through lockdown, but there’s one thing many didn’t get round to - finding a life insurance policy.

Mr Motivator said: “Looking after your health and getting a life insurance policy in place are two of the most vital things parents can do to protect their children.

"All those hard-working parents out there did such an amazing job - juggling homeschooling and work on top of life itself - but if taking the two minutes to call I Got Cover is still on their to-do list, why not do it today and tick it off?"

The broker pointed out the importance of getting cover early, rather than leaving it until one's mid-40s.


  • Non-smoking 25 year-olds can pay from £6 a month for a decreasing term policy for £170,000. For the average 45-year-old, this jumps to £19 a month.
  • For a £300,000 level term policy, 25 year-olds should expect to pay £13 a month, versus £30 a month on becoming 45.

I Got Cover also cited the importance of the additional benefits that can be attached to life insurance policies.

Depending on the provider and the type of cover, policyholders can also get: 24/7 access to an online GP; overnight accommodation costs of up to £1,000 should the client's child require hospital care; a dedicated trust service to ensure any payout gets paid to the family without inheritance tax; and ongoing expert advice and support. 

Tired and Tested, AKA Sophie McCartney, said: “No one wants to think about what might happen when they’re gone, but you don’t have to think of life insurance as bleak and morbid.

"Think of it as protecting the most important thing to you - your family. You’d do anything for them, right? So strap your big boy, or girl, pants on and go get yourself some cover.”