Clydesdale increases LTV for larger mortgage loans

Clydesdale increases LTV for larger mortgage loans

Clydesdale has raised the loan-to-value for capital and interest mortgages to 80 per cent for a maximum loan size of £1.5m, regardless of geography.  

It is also now offering loans which contain an interest-only element beyond London to other areas of the south east. 

This again covers loans with a maximum LTV of 80 per cent up to a loan size of £1.5m. 

For such loans the maximum that can be on interest only is 75 percent, with the remainder as repayment.  

This is not only attractive for those seeking to buy a home with a smaller deposit, but it adds to greater cover in a part of the market that has not been served so well, according to Alan Lakey, a partner at Highclere Financial Services.

He said: "Most of the news from the majority of lenders apart from the buy-to-let market has been positive in recent months and this is another indication.

"Not long ago I struggled to find a £1m mortgage for a client that earns £450,000 a year. It indicated to me that top end of the market was not being catered for.

"I ended up going to Coutts Bank, who were happy to provide the mortgage."

He added, he hoped lenders were not adding other risk assessment measures for clients at the same time as widening the scope of their LTVs, as had happened in the past.