Just Mortgages plan could boost broker business by 45%

Just Mortgages plan could boost broker business by 45%

Just Mortgages is to provide dedicated administrative support for its brokers in a move that could boost business levels by 45 per cent.

The adviser firm has assembled an eight-strong administration team to take care of all cases after submission and chase any outstanding paperwork needed to get a mortgage through to completion, enabling brokers to spend more time with clients.

As well as helping brokers, the team - which is set to expand to 25 members of staff by the end of the year - is expected to ensure customers have their mortgages approved more quickly.

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In addition, advisers who are currently writing about £20,000 of business per month and are able to write more will be provided with their own admin assistant.

A pilot scheme showed brokers who received this support wrote an average of 45 per cent more business than they did without it.

The move is expected to free up an extra five hours a week for brokers to spend with their clients.

John Phillips, group operations director for Just Mortgages and Spicerhaart, said: “Because our administration staff will be dedicated to making sure that everything is correct and every form is filled in correctly, it means less work for lenders.

"This not only works in the borrower’s favour as they are likely to get their mortgage through more quickly, but it also benefits brokers as it gives them more time to see clients.

“The pilot that we have done to date has proved to be a success with huge gains in business written, so we are now rolling it out to all qualifying brokers throughout the country.”