One in five landlords set to flee the market

“By coming together we can help deliver somewhere decent for everyone to call home."

Michelle Lawson, director at Hampshire-based Lawson Financial, gave her full support to the industry group.

She said: "I can see where the government is coming from, but the problem is large property landlords have generally got too many properties and don’t care, and they are probably the ones with shabby properties.

"With smaller landlords, it is a bit more personal – they care more about their properties. It is a better quality of landlord, and I think they are the ones being forced out of the market by the tax changes and so on."

Ms Lawson pointed out that rental properties provide options for people who are relocating to take on a new job or potential first-time buyers having trouble getting on the housing ladder.

She said: “I really think something needs to be done and small landlords potentially need representing. Their voices need to be heard, and if there is a channel back to the government, then brilliant."