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Bank of Ireland provides online mortgage offers

Bank of Ireland provides online mortgage offers

Bank of Ireland (BoI) has launched an online service allowing brokers to view and download mortgage offers online.

The service means brokers are notified by email when their client’s case has gone to offer and can log into the online application system to download a PDF version of the offer letter.

Hard copies of the offer letter are also sent to the client and their solicitor in addition online versions. 

Alison Pallett, director of sales at BoI, said: “At Bank of Ireland UK, we’re continuously working in partnership with our brokers to get their feedback and make their lives easier. Online offers are just one of the ways we’re looking to streamline the process.

“We believe that the ability for brokers to make offers online will give them peace of mind knowing that the details are correct before the offer reaches their client.”

Mike Richards, director at London-based Mortgage Concepts Associates, said: “That is a good thing. Anything like that is welcome as it makes life easier for us, especially when we have to load things onto our back-office systems.”