AMI brands political push against buy-to-let 'quite nasty'

When asked whether rent controls might be a good idea to curb the enthusiasm of some landlords, Mr Stewart commented: "If there is a Corbyn government - which, given the state of the existing one, now looks like a viable option, which is worrying - then we may well have rent controls.

"We've already got a perfect storm coming of low wage growth, high inflation, a lack of affordable homeownership and a lack of social housing which was started in the 1980s by Margaret Thatcher's Right to Buy and this decline is still continuing. 

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"Add to this we have about 2.4m properties being sucked out of the chain by the rental market - according to HM Revenue and Customs data - and it is understandable why there is a political will to crack down on buy-to-let."

Also on the panel was Liz Syms, founder of Connect For Intermediaries, who rose to the defence of the professional, well-advised landlord, stating that not all of them were yield-hungry amateurs.

She said: "I have lots of client landlords who have good tenants and year on year they have not increased any rents.

"In some cases, when doing financial reviews with them, it is clear they are behind the market average. So rent controls could be positive for such landlords in that if rents can only rise by, say, 5 per cent a year, this opens the door for a regular increase in their contract."