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Better Business: NatWest launches partnership BDM model

Better Business: NatWest launches partnership BDM model

NatWest Intermediary Solutions has launched a business development manager (BDM) model for the way it supports brokers.

It will pair up field and phone BDMs to give brokers a "more tailored and effective service".

NatWest introduced this approach last year for central London brokers following a pilot in 2016. It now plans to roll the proposition out across the rest of the UK.

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The lender claims the new service will benefit brokers, because they will get a more responsive service and greater access to at least one BDM.

Before the pilot each broker only had one BDM. Now, each broker will have access to two BDMs, one in the field and the other by telephone.

If the field BDM is in a meeting, a broker can call the phone BDM for help. Likewise, if one is on holiday then the adviser will be able to get hold of the other BDM.

The field BDM can provide hands-on training, participate in team meetings and give face-to-face presentations, while the phone BDM will conduct webinars and is better placed to answer web-based questions.

Mark Bullard, head of sales at NatWest Intermediary Solutions, said: “The experience we have gained from rolling out this model with a significant number of high-profile firms in central London, together with the fantastic feedback we’ve had from those brokers who received this service, means we are very confident that brokers will recognise a significant improvement in the support they receive from our BDMs.

“Our BDMs are quite rightly highly regarded by the brokers they serve. Their proactivity, knowledge and experience enable mortgage advisers to get the best outcomes for their customers. We wanted to build on this solid platform to give intermediaries an even better, more cohesive service and believe that by assigning a field and phone BDM to each broker we will achieve this.”

A BDM support team is also in place to support specific BDMs.

Daniel Bailey, principal at Sheffield-based Middleton Finance, said over the past year he has seen lenders increase the number of BDMs they have. This is because they recognise that where BDMs cover a large patch of mortgage brokers they are often less effective.

Mr Bailey said: “A good BDM can help you with criteria and understanding lenders better. Also they should come back to you quickly on queries and provide regular updates."

Ima Jackson-Obot is features writer at Financial Adviser