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Firing Line: Simon Broadley

Mr Broadley and his team are speaking to a number of existing and new protection providers to explore how they are looking to streamline and make the process seamless for the customer.

One of the initiatives Mr Broadley inherited when he joined Tenet was the practice buyout programme that started in the second half of 2017. This is where the network supports a member who is looking to sell their business to find a buyer, and is done by introducing one member to another, or more recently by Tenet itself buying the firm and its book of business.

“Where the principals of that firm are looking to retire or take a different career path, we are looking at how we can close the loop for a typical adviser life journey,” he said. 

“We are working very hard on how we build a programme for those adviser firms that are looking to exit the market, how we can support them and provide a seamless way for them to do that. If we bought the business, we would service that business because we would have grown to understand that firm’s business over the time they have been part of the network.”

Tenet has a number of businesses in the pipeline under this initiative and has seen an increase in the level of interest. Since Mr Broadley joined the firm, the board has been undertaking a review of how to move different parts of the business forward, which is under the purview of his other role at the group. He advises on propositions for the group across all Tenet’s business strands: TenetLime, Tenet Connect investment network, Tenet Select, Sinfonia Asset Management and Aspire.

He added: “That’s not to say I believe anything is wrong with [the current strategies]. But I’d like to understand how we can be more on the front foot in anticipating how our members’ needs are going to change and making sure each of our propositions stands out and addresses the clear needs of our members.

“In one sense it is good housekeeping to continually challenge yourself around whether your product is still fit for purpose or if it needs to evolve in any way. It is something we started and it is a piece of work I don’t believe will have an end date.”

Ima Jackson-Obot is a features writer at Financial Adviser


Simon Broadley’s career highlights:

January 2018 – present: Managing director, TenetLime 

2014 – 2017: Head of insurance and investments, Yorkshire Building Society