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Plug pulled on fake CeMaps ads

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Plug pulled on fake CeMaps ads

The advertising watchdog has demanded a website that falsely claimed to be an accredited provider of the LIBF CeMap exam be shut down.

On 1 February a website for Career Study College,, featured in its ‘Financial Services Courses’ section a web page titled ‘LIBF Level three Cemap – Certificate in mortgage advice.’

The page featured text stating “The London Institute of Banking and Finance Level three (CeMap) Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice course offers an ideal route for candidates wanting to start a career as a mortgage adviser.”

Under ‘Course details’ the page stated that the CeMap was an “approved qualification”, and that a course study pack would include a “full official LIBF accredited study text.”

Upon completion, the site promised mortgage brokers would receive a certificate documenting they were “LIBF CeMap Level three certificate in mortgage advice qualified”.

Under a link titled “Buy Now” the page also featured a logo stating “The London Institute of Banking & Finance”.

But Career Study College is not an approved third-party provider of the LIBF CeMap and had not been granted permission to use the LIBF logo.

Additionally, the learning materials that were provided by the Career Study College were not accredited or distributed by the LIBF.

Career Study College failed to respond to the Advertising Standard Authority's enquiries and the watchdog noted there was no registered legal entity behind the website

The registrant of the website had used a domain privacy service to set up the website which concealed their identity.

They also appeared to have used a false address on the website.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled because the advert implied the Career Study College was an accredited provider of the LIBF CeMAP and offered official LIBF learning materials, when that was not the case, it was misleading.

Career Study College was ordered not to state or imply that they were an accredited provider of LIBF or other qualifications, or that their study pack was comprised of LIBF learning materials, if that was not the case.