Another strong year ahead for later life lending?

Simon Little

Simon Little

The equity release market has grown rapidly in the past five years and central to this is the need for all borrowers to seek advice.

But this is a small universe of advisers - with no more than 1,250 advisers regularly advising clients i.e. writing two or more applications a month. 

The sector needs more mortgage brokers and wealth managers to get engaged and assist clients. This means they will need to pass the equity release exam to ensure they cover all the options for clients and recommend the most suitable product available.

That might mean a lifetime mortgage with a fixed interest rate for life is a more suitable option than a three-year fixed rate residential mortgage.

Rate is not necessarily the key driver here.

This sector is set for rapid growth over the next decade - it is likely sales of all later life lending products will probably reach 25 per cent of the total mortgage market, or £60bn to £65bn per annum by the end of 2027. 

What is clear is the sector needs more advisers to help meet the growing consumer demand.

Simon Little is managing director of Autumn Life Retirement Solutions