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Nationwide launches new build pilot

Nationwide launches new build pilot

Nationwide Building Society is piloting a case ownership model dedicated to new build mortgage applications.

The system, designed for intermediaries, will see all new build cases managed by a single specialist, from the initial vetting through to the offer. 

The system is in the trial stage, but according to Nationwide, has already led to reductions in the need to escalate cases.

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The personalised service has also reduced the time it takes to receive an offer, the building society has said. 

Andy Dean, head of intermediary support and new build, said: "We are already providing a good service, but we have listened to intermediary feedback and as a result we have launched a service to enhance and improve a process that would be dedicated to new build. 

"These cases will be managed and reviewed by one person, meaning that the time to vet and assess documents received from the broker will be reduced.

"The pilot is already receiving positive feedback, with fewer escalations needed and offers being issued more quickly. This is another enhancement that underlines our commitment to improving our intermediary and new build proposition."

Terry Higgins, managing director of the New Homes Mortgage Helpline, said: "This is really positive news from Nationwide. They’ve got a strong standing in the new build sector and already offer good levels of service, so it’s great to see their determination to build on this and reassuring to know that our customers will be supported by case owners that specialise in new build."

Greg Cunnington, director of lender relationships and new homes at Alexander Hall, added: "Nationwide has shown continuous support for the new build market and is a key lender for intermediaries in this space. 

"The move to case ownership is a great new addition to the existing strong levels of support.

"This will lead to reduced times to offer and having the ability to discuss escalation requirements, which will come up with new build, while a ring-fenced support team for immediate action is a significant move that our advisers feel will have huge benefits to their new build business."