Guide to Portfolio Buy-to-Let

  • Describe the impact of stamp duty on portfolio buy-to-let
  • Describe the stress test landlords have to undertake
  • List the ways the mortgage market has changed for portfolio landlords
Guide to Portfolio Buy-to-Let


Portfolio Buy-to-Let is a popular choice for many people as an alternative career, and many have made substantial returns from investing property. 

With staggering rises in house prices over the last two decades, many have made a huge amount of money.

But buy-to-let became too popular, and was freezing out many first-time buyers so as chancellor, George Osborne introduce a number of changes to restrict access.

As such, it has become more difficult to build a portfolio of properties, and there is greater scrutiny of the financing, under rules stipulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Nonetheless, opportunities exist and the lender market has adapted, so that if a portfolio landlord knows how to go about it, returns can be made.

My thanks go to: Sean McCann, chartered financial planner at NFU Mutual; National Landlords Association; John Heron, director of mortgages at Paragon; Greg Cunnington, director of lender relationships and new homes at Alexander Hall;  Nick Sherratt, managing director at Mojo Mortgages; David Hollingworth, associate director, communications at L&C Mortgages; Dan White, managing director of White Financial Services; Keith Street, chief commercial officer at The Mortgage Lender; Howard Levy, director at mortgage broker SPF Private Clients; Adam Hosker, founder of Bespoke Finance; James Bunker, head of property at Vardags; John Goodall, chief executive of Landbay; Gavin Seaholme, head of sales at Shawbrook Commercial Mortgages; Mark Homer, co-founder of Progressive Property; Steve Matthews, head of buy-to-let sales at Octopus Property; Mark Homer, co-founder of Progressive Property; Rob Clifford, chief executive of SDL Mortgage Services;Marc Goldberg, commercial chief executive officer at Together; Lee Langley, a mortgage and protection adviser at West Sussex-based On Point Mortgages; Danny Belton, head of lender relationships at Legal & General Mortgage Club.

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  1. How much was the stamp duty surcharge introduced in April 2016?

  2. What is the stress test that portfolio landlords must undergo?

  3. Tax hikes have forced landlords to investigate more aggressive tax planning strategies, true or false?

  4. What do brokers need to understand about the new requirements?

  5. What has discouraged the 'dinner party' landlords?

  6. There are more higher LTV products available on the market than there were a decade a go. True or false?

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  • Describe the impact of stamp duty on portfolio buy-to-let
  • Describe the stress test landlords have to undertake
  • List the ways the mortgage market has changed for portfolio landlords

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