Help to Buy  

Housing market reliant on Help to Buy

He said: "Developers may change the way they design the sites. They may have to have more affordability and smaller homes.

"This is a good thing — clients I speak to find it hard to find a new build two-bed home. Most are larger three or four beds, sometimes worth half a million pounds."

The Help to Buy scheme has created a bit of a bubble in terms of property prices, according to Dan White, of White Financial Services.

He said affordability of new builds in Help to Buy heavy areas had skewed consumer views on the cost of such properties, because the extra help from the government was seen as "monopoly money".

He added: "Once the scheme ends, you may find either a shortage of new builds being built or a number of new builds unable to sell.

"On top of that, those who have bought through the scheme could be unable to sell due to a lack of equity in a property that has not necessarily increased in price."

Just earlier this week advisers were warned of a crunch in the Help to Buy space as more borrowers using the scheme are to face charges for the first time while others will see theirs hiked

Many of those who used the scheme in its first year are now facing higher fees, while those in the second year are facing fees for the first time.

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