Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Matthew Bowman

Diary of an adviser: Matthew Bowman

This adviser’s week is filled with client appointments as well as colleague training and mentoring


I start most days at my desk between 5.30-6am. Today my first appointment is at 5.30pm, so I spend most of the day doing admin, paperwork and preparing for the meeting.  

That said, I set off early as I have to battle with rush hour traffic on the M42 near Sutton Coldfield in order to get to the client’s home.

I end the day the same way as I end most days, which is walking the dog – with maybe a quick stop in the local pub. 


Today I attend two first appointments, one at 10.30am in Studley, which is around 20 minutes away, and the second at 12.30pm in Halesowen – a 30 minute drive.

At 3pm, I attend my first second appointment of the week in West Bromwich, where I am helping the client release equity to help their children get on the property ladder.

Also attending this appointment is Steve, another equity release adviser at Key who I have been mentoring recently.  

It is part of the role I really enjoy and will help him to develop a better understanding of how to manage an appointment in a client’s home. 


Today I meet a client for a first appointment in Campden, Gloucestershire. It is around 50 minutes away and luckily for me this is usually the furthest appointment location, which is not too bad. I did have a second appointment at 6pm, but unfortunately that customer has cancelled – although they are rescheduling for next week.

Typically, I prefer to see customers within a few days of the first appointment as it has given them time to mull over their needs and make note of any questions or queries.  

As our customers are an average age of 70, it is even more important than ever that they are comfortable with their choices.


I have two first appointments today, the first at 9.30am in Coventry – a 30 minute drive – and the second is later in the day at 6pm in Solihull.

In the middle of the day I meet Ian English and Rachel East, director of advice delivery and head of sales at Key respectively, about mentoring other advisers.

Recently, I have held training sessions for around 15-20 new advisers across two training sessions – one at Key’s head office in Preston and another in Northampton.  


While some people like to structure their week to ensure they can do admin on a Friday, I like to be as flexible as possible for my clients and prefer to wake up early to get all admin done before my appointments so I can relax on the evenings and weekends.  

Today, I have a second appointment booked in Kingswinford, which is just outside Dudley, and my day starts with a good conversation about how equity release can help them.