Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Bradley Stiff

Diary of an Adviser: Bradley Stiff

This busy adviser spends his week in client meetings across Kent, while managing to fit in the odd game of badminton.


After having my beloved coffee, I begin my day completing administration for the week ahead. 

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This morning, I am meeting with a lady whose survey highlighted some concerns around her structure walls. I help her find a quote from a local tradesperson and organise the building work.

She will now be able to release the funds she needs to visit her family in Australia.

I spend the rest of my day completing research for client cases, responding to emails and preparing for the week’s appointments.

I aim to do as many appointments a week as I can, which definitely keeps me busy. 


I have three appointments today, all within the Kent area. The first appointment I attend is with a gentleman who would like to release equity for home improvements as he does not want to move house.

When I arrive at my second appointment, I am greeted by the client and four of her family members.

I enjoy meetings where the whole family attends and asks questions as I know they are all comfortable with their parents’ or older relatives’ choices. 


The morning is spent getting my car serviced as I average around 300-500 miles a week.

While waiting for my car, I find a quiet spot to catch up on admin and make a pre-introductory call ahead of Friday’s appointment. 

I then head off to Ashford for a second appointment. The lady had been on long-term sick and over time the couple had incurred some debts. The funds will help alleviate their stress and allow them to pay off their debts and enjoy retirement.

I spend the rest of the day collecting my son from school and challenging him to a game of badminton at our local club.


Today I have a joint meeting with a training and competency consultant at an appointment in Rochester.

The client has dementia and is classed as vulnerable.

As part of the process, I will see the client around three times alongside her family to ensure everyone is well informed and comfortable with the choices they need to make. 

Another client I visit wants to release funds to help her son buy a house. He has been living in rented accommodation since graduating university, so this is a big step. 


A little later start to the day means I can be on the road for 8am, this time to meet a client in Newington, who would like to release funds to fulfil a lifelong dream of owning a motor home and travelling around Scotland.

The afternoon is spent completing admin and visiting a local couple who want to release funds to clear their mortgage.

Then it is off to spend the weekend with the family and catch up on the rugby.