Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Ian Branagh

Appointments the length and breadth of Scotland means a full week for this client adviser.


I begin most Mondays at 6:30am taking my dog for a walk, followed by clearing admin and responding to any emails.

This morning, I am attending a first appointment in Glasgow.

Due to the geographical challenge Scotland poses, I usually organise my diary so my appointments each day are spent in the same postcode, reducing my time spent driving.

In the afternoon I visit a client who would like to update her home and make some sensible ‘age-proofing’ renovations. 

She will get her dream kitchen, and she will also be able to live in her home independently for longer. 


I have a quick breakfast on the way to Fort William for a second appointment with an 83-year-old gentleman who is deaf. We are working hard to support him through the process.

He would like to release funds to help his grandson get onto the property ladder. I have seen a rise in this over the past few years as it is proving more challenging to save for a deposit.

The afternoon is spent completing research and preparing for appointments. 

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I work until about 8pm, which enables me to meet with clients who are still working full-time. 


I have three appointments today, all around Edinburgh. Having recently reached retirement age, this client has realised their pension pot won’t suffice and would like to release funds to help make some modifications to their home as they get older.

They will now be able to stay close to friends and family and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Another client I visit today wants to release funds to pay off debts they incurred from a tax bill from more than 10 years ago. The funds will automatically mean they have an extra £1,000 a month in their pockets. 


This morning I am visiting a client in Dundee. She wants to release equity to pay for herself to have some dental work done. I leave knowing the client is well-informed and all questions have been answered. 

I spend the rest of the day completing admin, reviewing documents and calling another adviser who looks after the Edinburgh area. Even after 10 years at Key there are always questions I need help answering, and I offer to help him out with an appointment next week as a thank you.  


I have two appointments this morning. Both customers want to release funds simply so they can enjoy a happier retirement. Equity release will enable one client to continue living in their family home of more than 50 years. 

As schools in Scotland close at 12 on a Friday, I tend to head back to the home office in the afternoon as the roads are often gridlocked, where I research cases for clients and speak with providers.