HSBC expands video mortgage advice

HSBC expands video mortgage advice

HSBC is offering mortgage advice to customers at home via video call while access to its branches remains “severely restricted”.

The bank has expanded its use of video appointments to provide bespoke advice to customers who are looking to remortgage with the bank or purchase a property.

Michelle Andrews, head of buying a home at HSBC UK, said the bank was able to satisfy all of its regulatory requirements to provide bespoke advice remotely.

Ms Andrews added: “All videos will have the audio recorded and we are using software most people are using at home themselves and are familiar with. We believe this gets you as close to a face-to-face meeting as possible, without being in the same room”.

Customers can book a video appointment after completing a decision in principle if they decide to progress their application with HSBC.

Alternatively, customers can book a telephone appointment with the bank.

HSBC said its branches have been unable to offer face-to-face appointments for mortgage advice due to social distancing measures and limited opening hours.

While it offered video appointments before the coronavirus, the technology was only accessible through appointments in its branches.