Mortgage arrears remain low as Covid measures take hold

The survey was conducted between July 20 and August 4 with 2,000 private tenants.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the NRLA, said: “Consistent with our previous surveys, this latest data demonstrates that the vast majority of landlords and tenants are working together to sustain tenancies, and critically that the overwhelming majority of tenants are paying rent as normal.

“Eviction is not, and need not be, an inevitable outcome where tenants have struggled to pay their rent due to Covid-19.”

The findings came ahead of the courts resuming the processing of possession cases from August 24. In June the government extended a ban on evictions to protect renters across England and Wales during the coronavirus.

The NRLA is calling for government guaranteed hardship loans for tenants who are in arrears because of the pandemic, arguing that loans should be provided on an interest-free basis.