Diary of an Adviser: Dan Kayes

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Diary of an Adviser: Dan Kayes

Helping clients release funds is on the agenda for this adviser, before ending the week with a game of golf.


Being in partial lockdown means I begin my week taking my dog for a walk and enjoying the sunny Plymouth weather, followed up by responding to emails from the weekend. 

This morning, I am speaking with a customer over the phone who would like to release funds to gift to her grandchildren.

She has not seen them now for over three months as they live on the other side of the country, so when they are reunited she would like to be able to help them get onto the property ladder. 

The afternoon is spent completing admin ahead of the week’s appointments and making calls to the underwriters. 


A quick breakfast with my children means I am able to help them set up their school work for the day. On the agenda today is maths. 

I am back on the phones again as I complete a four-way Zoom call with a client, her daughter and her son.

The lady is classed as vulnerable as her husband died in December and including her children in the process made her feel more comfortable about making a decision.


Today, I have four appointments.

One of them is with a couple who want to release funds to pay back a family member who helped them catch an emergency flight home from Russia when the insurance company would not pay out.

Interestingly, people may say that this release was used to pay for travel, but I assure you it was not frivolous but completely essential.

The evening is spent playing football with my son in our garden and having a BBQ. 


The morning is spent completing admin and chatting with a few other advisers in my team.

I pick up a few queries with ‘Buddy’ who has lots of experience being an adviser and supports me through a case that is particularly difficult. 

I spend the rest of the day making sure my children are completing their school work – which is a challenge – and calling a customer whose mortgage is about to increase.

She approached me to see if equity release was right for her situation. The funds will enable her to pay off her mortgage completely and stop worrying about how she can make the payments out of her limited income.


I have two appointments today, including some sign ups.

Both customers would like to release funds so they can simply enjoy a happier, less financially strapped retirement and equity release will enable them to continue living in their family home of more than 60 years.