Equity ReleaseSep 21 2021

Money Alive launches equity release box set for IFAs

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Money Alive launches equity release box set for IFAs
Photo: Money Alive

Money Alive has produced another box set, this time to help advisers educate clients about releasing equity from their homes.

According to Ian Beestin, co-founder of the risk management platform, equity release is an aspect of financial services "where there are lots of people interested in it, but the number for whom it is appropriate is possibly a lot smaller".

As a result, he said the new Equity Release Box Set from Money Alive aims to "triage" the client and help save advisers time when it comes to explaining what equity release does and how it works.

The box set aims to engage clients and explain the key aspects of equity release, such as what the differences are between lifetime mortgages and home reversions.

It also encourages the viewer to think about alternatives, and provides links to other useful websites, such as Step Change for those who are struggling with debt, and to the government's benefits calculator. 

Beestin said: "Sometimes, people could get a loan and this might be more appropriate for them, but they've heard of equity release and think this is the right thing. 

We also see merit in advisers encouraging the viewer to watch the box set with a loved one or trusted friend.Kirby

"Sometimes people are struggling with debt and think that releasing equity from their home is the right thing, when in fact it might be better for them to speak with a debt charity like Step Change".

Advisers will get notifications to say whether the client has clicked on the links, which Beestin said would help advisers to know more about their prospective clients. 

The box set comprises ten short videos which last approximately half an hour in total. Topics covered include the main product types and how they work, alternatives to equity release, eligibility, costs and the advice process. 

Advisers also have the option of using a web form that makes it easy for their website visitors to self register to view the box set and in the process creating the adviser a GDPR compliant lead. 

Financial adviser Andy Kirby, chief executive of Money Alive, said this would also help advisers make sure their equity release advice falls within the regulator's guidance on the subject.

He said: "In its report last year regarding the equity release sales and the advice process, the Financial Conduct Authority said consumers should make sure they fully understand both the short and long-term impact of equity release on their financial future.

"They should take time at every stage of the process to make sure they fully understand the implications of their decision.