All-in-one home buying service looks to IFAs for growth

Steps include a ‘Get Mortgage Ready’ section where affordability is explained, as well as various search tools so prospective buyers can search specific areas for estate agents, broadband performance, and schools. 

The service also includes Energy Performance Certificate checkers, an integrated valuation process for sellers, and a white-labelled conveyancer search tool categorised by location, cost, and ratings with RICS survey explainers.

In the lead up to and following the move in, home buyers can get deals on furniture at companies such as B&Q and Wicks. Melling is also looking at adding home and pet insurance to the end of the process.

“I want to promote and protect financial wellbeing,” said Melling. “None of us learnt this at school.”

Currently, the service is only online via a web application, but Melling intends to launch an app. She is also gearing up to launch ‘Remerge’, a diluted version of Merge for remortgaging.

The startup is also developing a will product called ‘Brace’, a do-it-yourself will writing service priced at around £39.99 which Melling said should take just 15 minutes. 

The idea is that once a house buyer has their asset, writing a will is a natural next step.

“This could be a bolt-on service for financial advisers,” said Melling. “They need to be more innovative, they need to be competing with the digital firms which are engulfing financial services.”