Nationwide apologises for mortgage cancellation email sent in error

Nationwide apologises for mortgage cancellation email sent in error

Nationwide has apologised over a system error which led to an automated email, regarding a mortgage cancellation, being sent to a client and broker.

A mortgage broker’s client exchanged on a property but as it was not ready yet, the broker applied for a 45 day extension on behalf of the client which was agreed by Nationwide over email.

However, soon after, both the client and broker received an email stating the following from Nationwide: "Further to our previous email, your client's mortgage offer has now expired and the application has been cancelled."

The broker took to the Cherry Forum stating it brought on “unnecessary stress” for both the buyer and individual. 

“I’ve tried contacting them but was told to try at a quieter time. Does anyone know if this is just a template email which is sent based on the original offer expiry or could they have actually cancelled the case for no reason,” the broker wrote.

It was later confirmed it was an automated email that was sent regardless of whether the 45 day extension was granted. 

The broker said: “It is so frustrating with lenders at present with time frames. I contacted Nationwide last week as I needed an urgent update, [it was] one hour one minute before they picked up.  

“How many things could I be getting on with whilst waiting on hold. The whole industry is grinding to a halt, it seems, at present.”

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “Unfortunately an error in the system meant that an automated offer expiry email was sent, despite the extension being granted. We apologise for any stress and inconvenience caused.” 

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