Mortgage Broker Tools launches helpdesk for 'tricky' cases

Mortgage Broker Tools launches helpdesk for 'tricky' cases

Mortgage Broker Tools has launched a mortgage helpdesk to give brokers faster access to experts who are able to help research solutions for difficult cases.

MBT said the team will be ready to quickly answer phone calls so brokers can avoid the long wait times that are commonly associated with lender call centres.

The helpdesk will complement the MBT Affordability digital research platform and will be available to MBT members for an additional annual fee.

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MBT chief executive, Tanya Toumadja said accessing real-time information is more important than ever given that the market is changing constantly, “adding greater complexity to even straightforward cases”. 

“Sometimes, there’s a tricky case that needs a human touch and, with wait-times for lenders often running to many hours, speaking to someone who can help can prove tricky,” she said. 

Toumadja gave the example of a recent case where the MBT mortgage helpdesk helped a broker secure a mortgage for a first time buyer, who worked as a CIS contractor, on a concessionary buy to let purchase. 

“Overlaying a multitude of different criteria was time consuming for the broker and with product withdrawals being announced every day, time was of the essence. 

“However, following a quick call to the MBT mortgage helpdesk, our experts were able to identify viable mortgages and lenders – helping the broker to place the case,” Toumadja said. 

FTAdviser has previously reported on broker frustration with lender service levels, with some arguing that a return to a full call centre environment is needed instead of allowing bank staff to work from home.