Mortgage broker returns to advice after TV success

Mortgage broker returns to advice after TV success
Qualified broker Tayo Oguntonade was scouted by Channel 4 back in 2021 to present The Great House Giveaway [Credit: Tenacious LDN]

Channel 4 presenter Tayo Oguntonade will be returning to his day job as a qualified mortgage broker after taking a three-year-long break from giving advice.

Having previously worked for Countrywide, an estate agency which houses the UK’s largest mortgage brokerage, Oguntonade will be co-founding his own mortgage brokerage this year.

Oguntonade took the decision to stop advising at the end of 2019 and focus on his social media content which went which saw him being poached by Channel 4.

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He will be returning to TV screens later this year with a third series of his Bafta-winning Channel 4 programme Great House Giveaway and he will be taking part in a new show on the same channel called Key to a Fortune later in 2023.

Now, he is ready to return to the world of advice. With his friend, Emmanuel Asuquo, he intends to co-found his own mortgage brokerage this year and incorporate all he’s learnt from his experience of content creation.

“We moved with the times. The mortgage broking industry is very old school and the people that dominate it right now will be the people that have old firms,” said Oguntonade. 

“But things are changing so drastically. We were in a position where we wanted to serve young people. Young people don’t read a book to understand what it takes to get a mortgage.

“When we’re making our content, the biggest struggle is - we need to take these four pages of content and cut it down into 60 seconds, but it needs to be entertaining first. I mean the entertainment element is just as important as the educational element.”

Oguntonade often describes his content, which is distributed across Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as a ‘Trojan Horse’. He wants first-time buyers to enjoy his videos first, and realise afterwards that they’ve learnt something new.

He originally took to social media to debunk myths around home ownership, explain government schemes, and show young adults how to save effectively.

It was his wife, Antoinette's, idea to set up the channel. After seeing him help friends and family buy their first homes when he wasn’t advising clients, the couple realised that people don’t just need money to buy a home.

Tayo Oguntonade and his wife, Antoinette [Credit: Tenacious LDN]

“Education is a huge part of it,” said Oguntonade, who has grown his social media channel BrickzwithTipz to nearly 17,000 followers on Twitter.

Antoinette, who is an accountant by trade, has been running the channel with her husband. A year into their content-creating career, Oguntonade was scouted by Channel 4 to present The Great House Giveaway.

The programme, which won a Bafta for best daytime programme in 2021, sees members of the public tasked with flipping a property from auction. Any profit they make, they get to keep.