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AMI launches mentoring scheme for mortgage professionals

AMI launches mentoring scheme for mortgage professionals

A cross industry mentorship scheme with industry experts and leaders has been set up for mortgage professionals.

The scheme has been developed by the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries and the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association, along with a number of volunteers from across the industry.

The programme aims to connect aspiring and existing professionals with industry experts for one-to-one mentoring and reverse mentoring opportunities.

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AMI chief executive, Robert Sinclair said the organisation hopes to “build new pathways for a wider group of people to see our sector as a great place to work.”

“Creating open minds, wider opportunities and building confidence is a core part of any mentoring programme. Identifying how you can find the right roles and develop is at the heart of a fulfilling work experience,” Sinclair added.

The use of mentoring programmes was one of the recommendations from the 2021 AMI Viewpoint report on diversity, inclusion and equity in the mortgage industry to help address barriers to career progression.

In August last year, a report from the City of London socio-economic diversity task force found that progress is needed on social mobility at all levels in financial and professional services.

In particular it found that employees from a family with a professional background are 43 per cent more likely to be at senior level than their working-class colleagues.

Just 1 per cent of respondents in senior positions were ethnic minority women from working-class backgrounds.