Firing line  

“Absolute return funds are going to be key for our investors”

He adds: “The market in Asia is projected to hit $40trn (£31trn) by 2025, with wealth management platforms set to double in size in the next eight years.”

There is also another structural shift he says is going to be enormous: intergenerational wealth transfers between baby boomers and millennials.

“If you look at the data, there are 450m millennials in China and India – that is bigger than the current US and western workforce,” he says.

“Asia has three of the largest six economies on its doorstep: Japan, China and India.

“So it doesn’t seem right that less than half of the global multi-asset market is currently coming out of Asia – huge new trends [are] coming and being [based] in Asia really helps.”

Indeed, he says Eastspring Investments continues to look for talented people to help grow its business offering.

“Long-term parents such as Prudential mean we can still fill a headcount – but we have to make sure we get the right people,” he notes.

“We’re trying to build a world class investment team so that we’re not just going to be an Asian investor for Asian clients, we’re also going to be offering products to the rest of the world.”

Absolute returns

Mr Graham says fulfilling clients’ investment objectives is paramount, and he says Eastspring is looking at absolute returns.

He explains: “This is a large and growing area that will become more important in the next 12 to 18 months, as investors begin to worry about whether and/or when the next recession is coming.

“So absolute return funds are going to be key for our investors to navigate the next downturn.

“We will all be looking at which assets will generate the best returns and income for clients, and we’re doing portfolio construction against these objectives to make sure primary objectives are fulfilled first.”

Victoria Ticha is a features writer for Financial Adviser and FTAdviser